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Product performance assessment

HEATEST s.r.o. has a status of a notified body no. 2693 (NB 2693) in accordance with the REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EU) no. 305/2011 of 9 March 2011 laying down harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing Council Directive 89/106 / EEC (hereinafter „CPR“). Our permission is visible on the NANDO website.

Therefore, we are allowed to issue Assessment of performance reports, including type test results, which may be directly used by the manufacturer to issue his or her Declaration of the product performance (DoP).

This page presents

  • which products we are allowed to assess
  • what you can get from us
  • and shortly, what is the procedure.


Which products?

The following radiators and convectors without fans for the intended use in buildings: sectional, panel, tube, other radiators, convectors excluding trench convectors. In effect, it concerns radiators and convectors which are assessable applying directly harmonized standard EN 442-1: 2014; it concerns Group 27 of Enclosure IV of the CPR, i.e. heat appliences for space heating.


What can you get?

If everything will be conforming, you will get the Assessment of performance report, that will, for a given type (type range) include:

- statement that the assessment accordingly to Regulation CPR and harmonised european standard EN 442-1:2014 have been carried out 

- table of essential characteristics with related performance: from the reaction to fire to the resistance to small chocks, including the tables of the rated thermal outputs for the full set of dimensions within the type (type range).

- instruction about the validity of the Product performance assessment report (without any time limit; become invalid only if factors influencing the product performance change)

It is published as standard in Czech or English, translation into any world language can be provided.. Our Assessment of performance report is valid in all EU countries and also in other countries, accordingly to international agreements.

  Model of the Product performance assessment report


Step 1: Introductive meeting or communication

Could you kindly read this page and contact us. We will try to organize an introductory meeting in order to explain to each other the important aspect of the product range and of the assessment procedure. Detailed written procedure as well as the Quality manual is available in our office for consultations.


Step 2: Application

The customer submits the Application for products performance assessment signed demonstrably by an empowered person.

Application for products performance assessment .xls .pdf


Step 3: Contract

Based on your application for products performance assessment and conclusions from the introductive meeting or communication, we will send you our binding offer (i.e. contract signed from our side). The contract shall be signed demonstrably by an empowered person. Please do not hesitate to consult anything in our binding offer or in the contract. Notice: By the contract closing, the assessment process will be officially started, including the obligation to provide information required by law and EU regulations.


Step 4: Testing, evaluation, review

Accordingly to individual provisons of the contract, you will deliver testing samples, description of the product, technical documentation, and, if agreed in advance (on your request) also selected test reports.

We wil start to assess based on the tests, descriptive documentation of the product, tables and calculations. Our laboratory technician will carry out necessary test; eventually, other necessary tests will be ordered from our pre-approved subcontractors. Our evaluation expert will evaluate clause by clause all requirements resulting from the CPR and the harmonized standard. Each result of the evaluation will be reviewed by the director of the laboratory.

In the event that we find any document or sample missing, insufficient or nonconforming and, it may be supplemented or rectified without affecting compliance with the requirements of CPR and harmonized standards, the assessment will be interrupted and you will be asked to make necessary connectios. In the event that the assessment will require additional eligible costs, we will send you a proposal of the amendment to the contract.


Step 5: Decision

Based on the rewied record of the evaluation, the director of the laboratory will make a decision: to issue the Product performance assessment report, or – if the product does not fullfill requirements or if the customer does nor correct a nonconformity in time – to terminate the assessment.

Such decision to terminate the assessment will be communicated in writing by document „Announcement and call“, including justification and instructions on how to appeal.


What are the conducting laws and regulations?

Laws of the Czech Republic nos.  90/2016 Sb., 89/2012 Sb., EU regulations nos. 305/2011, 568/2014, 574/2014, 2016/364, and others.

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Other questions?

There will be many... Please do not hesitate to contact us.